One In the Chamber – How To Be Ready For Anything

Safety AND Speed

These 2 are NOT mutually exclusive.

You CAN practice gun safety while NOT compromising on a speedy response to a self-defense situation.

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At we get questions all the time about this topic. Like, is it cool to carry my concealed handgun with a round in the chamber?
Every Bullet Counts

What’s the point of carry concealed if you’re not READY to react should the need arise?

And part of that readiness is the ability to lay down effective fire.

So the short answer is, YES – one in the chamber is recommended.
How messed up would it be to draw your weapon and have to struggle to rack the slide to chamber a round???

Your stress levels will already be peaking under these conditions. Wouldn’t it ALSO suck if you forgot that you DIDN’T have a bullet ready to go?

Of course, there are those naysayers who point out the safety issues that may arise, especially if your weapon of choice doesn’t have an external safety. But bottom line – the only way a gun fires is if you pull the trigger.

Trigger Happy

Concealed carriers should always make sure their holster covers the trigger guard and nothing gets in the way of your weapon being re-holstered.

Any obstruction could lead to disaster.
If you’re still concerned about keeping a round in the chamber without an external safety on your gun, you might want to consider training yourself to get in the habit of chambering a round EVERY TIME you draw.

Chances Are

Hopefully you will never have to use your concealed carry weapon, but there’s no guarantee either way.

Should a situation arise where you DO have to draw your weapon, being prepared to meet the challenge with an IMMEDIATE RESPONSE is preferable.

Otherwise, why bother to carry concealed in the first place? Lack of preparation defeats the whole point.

Look at it like this: you don’t buy insurance and know you’re going to need it.

But you still buy insurance just in case.


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