Concealed Online Reviews – Temper Control: How NOT To Lose It When Carrying Concealed

Attitude Is Everything

People who carry concealed have 2 VERY distinctive bad habits:

An inflated sense of self-confidence…

A fear that everyone KNOWS they’re carrying!

 Not good.

They can also act in a way that makes it really easy to figure out that they’re hiding something.

Also not good.

On top of that, they tend to have a quick temper and get ticked off if you so much as look at ’em funny.

 Really not good.

Remember fellow CCW community, the minute you get angry, impulsive or rash, your ability to think straight goes right out the window. Focusing becomes harder and emotions take over any attempt to act natural, remain cool, calm and rational.

Carrying concealed should NEVER be for purposes of punishing or intimidating someone! Period. Full stop.

A good rule of thumb is…

Learn To Mind Your Own Business

AVOID the wrong kind of attention!

You’ll be a lot less likely to stick your nose in something that could trigger (pun intended) an unfortunate altercation. Plus, by managing your emotions, you won’t stand out and make people around you feel like you’re packing heat!

At its core, self-defense is an art that must be mastered to respond appropriately and effectively to dangerous situations. Always remain reasonable, friendly, humble and thoughtful… the most important things to remember if you elect to carry concealed.

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