Concealed Online Reviews | Getting “Made” – What To Do If Someone Spots Your CCW

What if someone notices I’m armed? Can’t happen to me! I’m careful with my CCW!

Oh yeah? Wanna bet?

Common sense clothing and carrying methods all but ensure no one will ever know you’re carrying, but it can still happen.

I’m going to assume you’re NOT the type who goes around wearing NRA or 2A T-shirts.

Even so, you still might get “made” and not even know it. Let’s explore…


Law enforcement has a long history of responding to this kind of call which they commonly refer to as “DROP” reports.

As in: “hey officer, someone just dropped a gun in a bathroom stall at Starbucks!”

How to remedy this awkward, embarrassing, and potentially dangerous situation?


Toilet Tip: instead of letting the gun/holster DROP to the floor (along with your pants), hang on to your hardware with one hand while your other hand tends to your, uh, TP needs 🙂 Another option: use a handicapped stall which is designed to offer maximum privacy, meaning less of a chance someone will see your CCW when you’re “doing your business.”

Another, more common, way to get “made” in public is when someone notices the outline of your gun through your clothes or you reach up/bend over for something.

We call this “printing.”

First thing to do is make sure you have the proper holster for optimal concealment.

An inside-the-belt thumb-snap version covered by a loose fitting shirt or blouse should do the trick.


But still, it can happen to the best of us…


In any of the above cases, make sure you check your ego at the door and do the right thing…

First… say you’re sorry to the person or persons nervously staring, eyes agape, at your CCW.


Next, offer to show them your permit. If they want to see it, don’t make any sudden moves. Pretend you’re in a slo-mo scene from a movie and produce your permit at the speed of molasses. And if you’re confronted by a police officer, keep your hands raised in front of you and ASK them if you can show them your permit, or… better yet… tell them where they can find it (preferably, your wallet) and let THEM do the honors.

Drops and prints are the two most reliable ways of telling if someone is armed.

If you happen to be on the receiving end of this unfortunate revelation, follow the tips above and you’ll be just fine!

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