Concealed Online Reviews | How to Choose the Best Holster For Concealed Carry

Here at we know that choosing the right holster can make all the difference. Picking the right holster is as important as picking the right weapon. The best ones combine good concealment with unimpeded access to your gun. Remember: when it comes to a holster, cost alone should never be high on your priority list. You don’t have to break the bank, but cutting corners on this vital gear could cost you more than just a few bucks.

Your holster is the interface between your gun and your body. A substandard design could cause discomfort, a compromised draw, or losing your CCW altogether. Holsters come in many different shapes, sizes and styles.

Concealed Online Reviews


There are so many, in fact, that we couldn’t possibly cover all of them in one article. So we’ve boiled it down to the five most important criteria to consider:


Most incidents that require you to draw your CCW will be sudden, close-quarters confrontations. That’s why retention is an important consideration, as in, making sure your weapon stays in your possession at all times. Losing it during such an encounter could spell disaster.

ConcealedOnline Reviews

Retention devices include internal ones inside the holster or thumb breaks that help you secure your weapon if you’re engaged in a hand-to-hand altercation. Holsters that lack shape molding or retention screw pressure may not secure the CCW properly under these stressful circumstances. Retention systems that require a manual release are always preferable and highly recommended.

A good holster will be formed to a specific handgun and will maintain its form. A holster that is poorly fitted can cause the weapon to become easily dislodged, so it’s imperative to choose a quality leather or Kydex holster that matches precisely the contours of your handgun.

Concealed Online Reviews

Proper fit holds the gun in place and prevents slippage. Molding around the trigger guard will lock the weapon in place and is found in most Kydex holsters. Adjustable screws let you customize how much pressure you need to draw your weapon without it flying out of the holster or out of your hand.

The BLACKHAWK SERPA is a holster you might want to look into.  It’s made from engineered thermoplastic which makes it both lightweight and durable. But what sets it apart is the Auto Lock feature, engaging the trigger guard upon holstering, effectively locking the gun in place. This safeguards your gun from an assailant yet still allows you an effective draw, which is the next criteria on our list…


Under duress, you should be able to quickly access and present your handgun with ease. The holster needs to combine both a comfortable, complete grip on your handgun while still allowing you the ability to release any retention devices. Your draw stroke should be straight-line, pointing downrange, while lining up your sights.


Seems obvious that you’d want a CCW holster that allows for the best concealment, but you’d be surprised how this little detail always seems to slip through the cracks.

The element of surprise is high on our priority list when responding to an attacker, so choosing a holster that allows for proper concealment is paramount to getting the upper hand. It also enables you to avoid awkward situations where your handgun may be inadvertently exposed to the public leading to a confrontation with law enforcement that has the potential to turn tragic.

ConcealedOnline Reviews



A good CCW holster should adequately cover the trigger guard. Plus the material should be rigid enough to ensure any object it comes into contact with can’t depress the trigger. You will also want to be sure that the holster design accommodates the safety.  A bad holster could disengage the safety on your pistol which could cause the weapon to fire unintentionally.

Concealed Online Reviews



When the gun is removed, the holster mouth should remain open and rigid. A reinforced throat will allow for this, and will especially come in handy when re-holstering with one hand.  The CCW holster you buy should allow for rapid one-handed drawing and unassisted re-holstering.

Concealed Online Reviews

At we got your back when it comes to concealed carry holsters. Our discriminating standards insist that the best holsters balance both concealment and accessibility, but still retain enough comfort to wear well in everyday situations. Buy smart, be safe!

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